Short-term Programs


International Education College

    The International Education College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is a specialized institution dedicated to enhancing cultural exchanges, enrolling foreign students and offering Chinese language education programs. The IEC combines the functions of international students education, Chinese language training, Confucius Institute construction and  Sino-foreign education cooperation.  The IEC has set up the Department of Chinese Language Training Center for Foreigners, International Student Affairs Office, Confucius Institute Office and Sino-foreign Education Cooperation Office. The IEC takes pride in having a history of over half a century of accepting international students  since the 1950s. The IEC has the aim to cultivate high-level, interdisciplinary and outstanding international students as well as friendly messengers of cultural exchanges. The IEC has gradually established a comprehensive international talent cultivation system which focuses on  language and culture communication, with Earth Science as the main characteristics, full-time training as the main mode, and combines the short and long-term intercultural exchanges and scientific cooperation. IEC is committed to the operation of three Confucius Institutes of China University of Geosciences which scatter around the world.

    Except for degree programs, visiting scholars programs, Chinese language training programs and summer school programs, the IEC also works as the host institute of various international education program including Chinese Government Scholarship, Saudi Government Scholarship, Tanzania Government Scholarship and National Hanban Scholarship. Each year, nearly 1000 international students from more than 100 countries in the world come to the IEC for study and academic exchanges. Joining the IEC gives an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge, learn Chinese language, experience Chinese culture and Jingchu culture. The IEC is also a platform for students to get connected with peers from around the world, achieve multicultural understanding and establish a global vision.


The International Education College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) provides the international students with various forms of short-term programs all year around.

  Professional Geology Field Practice Program

  Chinese Language & Regional Culture Immersion Program

 Chinese Jewelry Business Immersion Program

  Professional Geographic Information System Immersion Program

  Professional Wilderness Survival Program

Program Highlights

Great chance to study at the national key university in China

Comprehensive language programs available from beginners to advanced level

Well-balanced program design

Equipped with experienced professional instructors

Award with Completion Certificate and Official Recommendation Letter for excellent performance

Experience the urban lifestyle in one of central China’s rapidly developing cities

Language and Culture Courses

Chinese Courses

We provide Chinese courses ranging from beginners to advanced levels. The learners do not need to worry about not having a basis in Chinese language. You will always find the most appropriate courses for yourself. By the ways of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as some other ways of classroom study and practice, you will feel the atmosphere of international class as well as its multicultural collision and communication. With the rich experience in Chinese language teaching, the IEC will ensure you a scientific and efficient language learning experience.

Cultural Courses (English-medium)

“China Today” aims at stimulating students interests in modern China. This course gives a full picture of all walks of life about China including China's politics, economy, history, culture, geography, etc. It is a systematic introduction about Chinese national conditions to the international students. It will enhance students’ cultural awareness and satisfy their cultural needs,  so as to reduce the communication problems brought by cultural differences.

“Chinese Geology and  Geography” begins with the unique geographical phenomena all over China. It gives a general introduction of the renowned mountains, great rivers, and all kinds of geological heritages. Through analyzing the diversity and variety of different regions in China, the international students will have the chance to understand one of the world's most dynamic countries from the perspective of a geoscientist.

“Multicultural Understanding” aims to promote cultural understandings of countries from all over the world and achieve cultural fusion. Through the comparison of Chinese and foreign cultural values, it can help students reduce the discomfort of studying in China, understand the diversity of cultures, and learn to coexist and cooperate in the world.

    Cultural workshop: It is a unique experience for the international students to immerse themselves into the Chinese traditional culture. Various cultural topics will offer all-round displays of  the glamour of Chinese cultural events such as calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, tea art, tai chi, kung fu, etc.


Program is open to university students, postgraduates and professionals who are non-Chinese citizens, above 18 years of age and in good health, with basic knowledge in related disciplines, and adequate English proficiency at university level.

Session Duration and Fees

Session Duration: one to three months.  The spring and summer session is from May to September, and the autumn and winter session is from December to January.

Application fee: 400 RMB

The program fee: tuition fee: 3200RMB/week; Field internship fee: 4800 RMB/week

The fees may adjust according to the course schedule and arrangement. Program fee does not include accommodation or any other tailor-made program fee.

Application Procedures and Materials:

1.Online application

For Self-funded Applicants:  Applicants should visit,  complete the application information, upload required documents, and print out the application form.

For Scholarship Applicants: Applicants should visit http// to submit the application online(Agency No.10491) and print out the application form. Then send it together with other required application documents to the admission office of CUG before the deadline.

2. Submission of application documents

Please pay the application fee by bank transfer. Please provide bank transfer receipt with applicant’s name, program name applying and term of study.

Please download and print out one copy of the application form.

One photocopy of valid passport(personal information page).

One copy of graduation certificates or documents proving student status at current university. Certificates or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated and notarized.

English proficiency information document proving a corresponding level of English at university level. Applicants who are native English-speakers or from countries where English is the official language, are exempted from this requirement.

3. Visa procedures

It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to receive a formal Admission Notice from the day of the application deadline. During the application processing, we may require you to provide additional materials. If you are accepted, we will send you an “Admission Notice”, JW201/202 form and other relevant documents for you to apply for the short-term X2 visa. To track the progress of your application, please contact the Admission Office either by email or telephone.

Account Name: China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Beneficiary’s Bank: BANK OF CHINA HUBEI BRANCH      

Address: International Education College of China University of Geosciences, Lumo Road No.388, Hongshan district, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, P. R. China

Account Number: 569057528302

Swift Code: BK CH CN BJ 600

Scholarship Application

Applicants should consult and apply to the Admission Office of CUG for scholarships. Application time is from January to early April. Please refer to the notice for the specific deadline each year.

The scholarship types:

1. The special credits scholarship of the cultural exchanges between China and the United States

2. The special credits scholarship between China and Europe

Scholarship Coverage:

--Registration fee and tuition fee

--Free on-campus dormitory accommodation (double room)

--Free Comprehensive Medical Insurance

--Monthly living allowance


According to the regulations, international students entering China with X2 visa will not be required to do physical examinations. But in order to ensure the international students’ rights and safety, CUG regulates that all the international students have to purchase an insurance which can cover the entire study period. The insurance can be purchased by the applicants in their own countries or in China when they register at the university. Students are not allowed to register without a valid medical insurance.

Teaching Environment                          

The short-term program course is mainly carried out in the Dangui Plaza of the IEC in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). The teaching environment is comfortable and all classrooms are well equipped with multimedia equipment. Independent reading rooms are also provided for students to have an easy access to search useful information or self-directed learning.

Accommodation Environment

Students can choose to live in Dangui Plaza (international student apartment) or live in the university hotel. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, independent bathroom, 24 hour hot water, etc. WIFI and cable access to internet are provided as well. The accommodation fee is about 80RMB/person/day. Please contact us for reservation of rooms.

Contact Information:

Admissions Office, International Education College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Address: Office 0211 in the Dangui Plaza, International Education College of China University of Geosciences, Lumo Road No.388, Wuhan City, P. R. China

Postal Code: 430074

Telephone: 86-27-67883283

Fax: 86-27-87515956



Please understand that the program application fee and the application materials will not be returned.

Second Part   Professional Geology Field Practice Program

Program Overview

In order to satisfy the needs of international students to know the fundamentals of China's geological conditions, geological environment, field practice teaching and geological research, the IEC specially designs the geological field exercise programs for international students. This program aims to combine the professional geology courses, Chinese language courses, culture courses and geological field trips, through observation, understanding, description and analysis of typical geological phenomenon in the field. While enjoying the fun of learning geology and the charm of natural beauty, students are able to grasp in a short time the basic knowledge, methods and skills of regular geological surveys and research. To some extent,  the program will help students to establish new thoughts, new theory, new methods, and new concepts about modern earth science and technological development. It  will comprehensively improve skills in field work, geological mapping and report writing.

Program Feature

.Top university in the field of Earth Sciences in China

.Mature and high-quality geological field trip arrangement

.Chance to experience China's rich geological environment and teaching methods

Major Courses

Professional Courses: Professional courses including basic theoretical courses such as geology, hydro-geology, environmental science and engineering geology; Field trip courses about specimen collection, analysis processing methods and skills; Cutting-edge seminars and lectures on the first-hand practical experience and instruction from the seasoned professors in this field.(English-medium)

Field Trip: According to the design of the curriculum, there will be an in-depth field trip to the lands which nourish Jingchu culture, and conduct the geological field work. Meanwhile, through visits to the Geological Park in China, students will explore the geological relics and cultural sites.

Details about the courses can be referred at

Course List:

GJ 01-GEOTongbai – Dabie – Tieshan International Field Course

GJ 02-GEO:  Three Gorges –Zigui International Field Course

GJ 03-GEO:  Three Gorges –Shennongjia Water and Ecological Environment Survey

GJ 04-GEO:  Lushan Geopark International Field Course

GJ 05-GEOEnshi Kaster Cave International Field Course

Students can choose one or more courses from the courses listed above based on personal needs. The number and type of courses will affect the fees and time length of the program accordingly.

Part 3: Chinese Language & Regional Culture Immersion Program

Program Overview

To meet international students’ needs to learn Chinese language, get a better understanding about Chinese society, language and regional cultural differences, as well as  learn how to communicate with Chinese people coming from different regions,  the IEC has specially designed this Chinese language and regional culture immersion program for international students. This program aims to help international students improve Chinese language competence in a short term, know Chinese culture and regional characteristics, adapt to the culture, customs and living habits of different ethnic groups in China, and also promote the abilities of international students to carry out all kinds of work in China.

Program Features

Cross-cultural ability training and multicultural experience

Experience rich national culture and local characteristics

Major Courses

Professional courses:  combine language and culture, open Chinese language courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing; through lectures on the unique charm of Chinese language and culture, students’ interest about Chinese language learning will be stimulated. Students will also be helped to master the effective methods in Chinese language learning, and form good study habits in a short time.

Culture immersion: cultural trips into the hinterland of Jingchu culture to explore the place where the Three Kingdoms culture is originated, Wudang mountain which is the holy land of Taoism,  and Enshi city which is famous for Tujia national minority traditional culture. These trips will initiate a journey for international students to discover China’s regional language and culture differences.

Details about the courses can be referred at

Courses List:

GJ 06-CHIJingchu Culture Educational Tour

GJ 07-CHITaoism Cultural Appreciation and Experience

GJ 08-CHIYan Emperor Culture and Shennongjia Global Geopark

Students can choose one or more courses from the courses listed above based on personal needs. The number and type of courses will affect the fees and time length of the program accordingly.

Part 4    Chinese Jewelry Business Immersion Program

Program Overview

To meet international students' needs to understand China's economic environment, jewelry culture and jewelry trade, IEC cooperates with Gemological Institute to jointly design this Chinese Jewelry Business Immersion Program. This program focuses on practice and application. With selection of various and informative samples, this program aims to enable students to command the skills and experiences in jewelry identification, selection of origins, purchase guidelines and jewelry outlets management and marketing, through a series of professional courses, Chinese courses, culture and business courses and mobile classrooms. This program will help students adapt to the Chinese market environment and improve their abilities to undertake  jewelry business and trade in the Chinese working environment.

Program Highlights

.National key university in jewelry education in China

.Opportunities of visits and internships in renowned jewelry enterprises

.Experience the most cosmopolitan urban life in China

Major Courses

Professional courses: specialized jewelry knowledge, gem identification techniques, jewelry stores management, marketing operation management, product management and planning, jewelry display management, assistant sales skills, core methods of OJT, performance appraisal methods, jewelry product quality regulations, etc.

Mobile classrooms: visits to the jewelry production place and jewelry studio, jewelry market surveys and city visits.

Business Immersion: company practices: work in groups to apply the language and jewelry business knowledge under the supervision of mentors.

Details about the courses can be referred at

Course Introduction

Professional Courses:

The courses of Chinese Jewelry Business Immersion Program are different from other business courses. It weakens the part of economic management theory, and highlights the training of practical skills. Through a series of activities and presentations, students will have a better understanding about Chinese business climate, acquire the strategies in how to enter the Chinese jewelry market and expand the market share, and also strategies in integration of local and global markets. It will help students improve abilities to carry out jewelry business in China. Cutting-edge workshops and lectures will be organized by inviting the elites from related industries to share with you their experiences and skills in doing jewelry business in China.

Mobile Classrooms: including culture experiencing and business visits.

Business visits:

After selecting the most typical Chinese jewelry production place, jewelry sales market place and outstanding jewelry companies, this program will provide international students with the opportunity to go inside the companies and have an in-depth understanding about the current development of China’s economy and jewelry industry.

Business Immersion

The value of professional jewelry and jewelry business knowledge will be ultimately reflected in the actual use. This program upholds the concept of "apply what one has learned". By contacting jewelry enterprises as students’ practice base and assigning mentors for guiding students, students will get first-hand experiences in jewelry business and have the opportunity to apply knowledge in the actual work environment. Precious jewelry sales experience will also be absorbed by students through business immersion.

Course List

GJ 09-JADJade and Jewelry Culture

GJ 09-JADGemstone Business Training Course

Part V  Professional Geographic Information System Immersion Program

Program Overview

In order to meet the needs of international students to understand China's information technology research environment, and development status of geographic information system (GIS), the IEC specially designs the Professional GIS Immersion Program for international students. By offering Chinese language courses, cultural courses, professional courses, case studies and study tours, this program aims to help international students understand various aspects including sustainable economic development, information technology, GIS development and applications in China. All the courses are designed to help students build a more comprehensive framework about GIS and its application. The program also aims to improving students' capabilities and competence in development and application of economic and social fields, through interactions and practice of various GIS software.

Project Benefits

Opportunity to practice in quality enterprises

Useful experience in software application development

Major Courses

Professional courses: GIS introduction and application overview, GIS software architecture and platform, acquisition and analysis of big spatial data, resource and environmental remote sensing applications, mapping technology and applications, case studies on GIS applications, and cutting-edge lectures on the first-hand practical experience and instruction from the seasoned professors in this field.

Professional investigation: according to curriculum design, tours and visits to the research institute and enterprises for learning and exchanges are also organized.

Details about the courses can be referred at

Course Introduction

Professional Courses:

Professional GIS Immersion Program highlights the practical experience. Except from inviting experts in the field to teach professional knowledge to the students, the program also focuses on letting students get a better understanding about the background, prospects and related practical experiences of Chinese GIS development. It aims to cultivate students’ capacities to develop and use the technology by combining the economic development needs.

Professional Investigations:

We select the representative and outstanding enterprises and companies for international students, so that they have the opportunity to go inside the companies, and acquire in-depth understanding about China's information technology development environment and status quo. It offers chances for the students to strive for internship opportunities in outstanding companies, as well as  have face-to-face exchanges and conversations with the technical personnel of these companies.

Part VI Professional Wilderness Survival Program

Program Overview

As the one and only university in China with the mountain climbing team which climbed to the top of Everest, CUG-IEC specially designs this wilderness survival experiencing program for international students, with joint efforts of the IEC and a professional team from the Sports Department of CUG. This program is to meet international students’ needs to experience Chinese jungle survival and mountaineering expeditions, and also train their skills. The program aims to help international students master survival skills in a complex and harsh natural environment of China in a short time and cultivate their capabilities to analyze, make decisions, execute and make adjustments when facing difficulties. The leadership quality, execution and team management abilities of international students can be developed and strengthened through a series of outdoor survival skills training.

Program Highlights

Explore the mysteries of Chinese landscape jungle

Practical outdoor survival skills and training

Equipped with experienced professional outdoor survival instructors

Major Courses

Professional courses: Climbing, Quality Development, Raft Tie-up , Rope-riding over the stream, Jungle Crossing and Bow-Drill Fire Making, etc.

Wilderness survival Shengnongjia nature reserve to start this test on survival skills and stamina.

Details about the courses can be referred at

Course Introduction

Profession Courses: The courses highlight the practical application. Apart from inviting professional teaching team and industry elites in this field to teach theoretical knowledge to the students, the program also tries to enable students to fully experience the harmony between human and nature and the joy of outward bound training. Students’ spirit of unity and cooperation, and skills and abilities to survive in the wild  will be greatly strengthened.

Outdoor Experience: By connecting the outdoor activities with Chinese language courses and culture topics, the international students will explore the mystery of the Chinese landscape, beautiful natural scenery and experience the impact of multiculturalism. It is also a great chance for students to master outdoor survival skills, find their potentials and embrace challenges.