Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

Enrollment Guide for pre-admission letter of 2017/18 Bilateral Scholarship

Enrollment Guide for Pre-admission letter of 2017/18 Bilateral Scholarship


Program Introduction

The "Bilateral Program" is a full scholarship or part of a scholarship based on the educational agreement and exchange agreement or agreement reached between China and the relevant governments, institutions, schools and international organizations. The project is required to apply to your government and embassy.


Application time: Jan 1st -April 1st


Application Eligibility

Country bilateral project enrollment undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students, general students and advanced students.

Undergraduate programApplicants must be over the age of 18, non-chinese citizens with a valid passport covering,be in good health ,have obtained a senior high school diploma and have a university qualification.Click for the pre-admission letter

Master's ProgramApplicants must be non-chinese citizens with a valid passport,be in good health,under the age of 35 and have earned a bachelor's degree that is equivalent to a Chinese university diploma or equivalent.Click for the pre-admission letter

Doctoral Program: Applicants must be non-chinese citizens with a valid passport, ,be in good health,under the age of 40 and have earned a master's degree that is equivalent to a Chinese university degree. Click for the pre-admission letter

General Scholar ProgramApplicants must be non-chinese citizens with a valid passport,be in good health,under the age of 45 and have completed at least two years of undergraduate study. Click for the pre-admission letter

Senior Scholar Program:Applicants must be non-chinese citizens with a valid passport, ,be in good health,under the age of 40 and have earned a master's degree or an associate professor. Click for the pre-admission letter


Departments and majors for Postgraduate Program

Master's Program:

Doctoral Program:

General Scholar Program

Senior Scholar Program:



Please visit the website to choose your correct major with your basic degree, and directly contact with the supervisor who you want to follow for the acceptance letter. The acceptance letter is just an additional material, which can help your get admission qualification but it will not guarantee your chance in getting the scholarship.


Application Procedure:

1. Contact the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) International Student Admissions Office, and access to pre-admission notice issued by the school and the application method.

2. Consult China in your country's embassy or national student dispatch department; submit a pre-admission notice and related application materials, to obtain the recommended qualifications;

3. Applicants should visit , and click on the "online registration student entrance" icon to enter, filling in the online and submit online application information, printing "Chinese government scholarship application form." The agency of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is 10491, which can be sent to the international student dispatch department.

4. Applicants should send all application document Submit to China's embassy or dispatching department in your country before the deadline.



Pre-admission letter is mainly issued to applicants who are applying for financial supports from other sources except universities, such as the scholarship from your government, embassy or any kind of support under the Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program (CGS-BP), to help guarantee your chances. Students who get Letter of Acceptance could submit it with your other documents when applying to your government or embassy.


But if you are applying for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (CGS-CUP) (which means you apply for scholarship directly from our university), you do not need the pre-admission letter from us and it will not guarantee your chance in getting the scholarship.


The "Application Note" and the "Acceptance Organization Number" of the International Registration System will be consulted and requested by the International Student Affairs Department.


Application Documents

1. A letter about which major ,faculty and degree program you apply for

2. Highest diploma certificate, or a proof of student status in your current university

3. Academic transcript

4. Study plan or research proposal

5. HSK certificate or English Language proficiency certificate (optional item)

6. Other additional documents such as awards, publications, papers published

7. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Form for Provisional Acceptance of International Student by CUG Professor(if available, you can download from



Send your documents to us via email:; please indicate in the subject of your email that you are requesting for pre-admission letter (For example: email subject-- Request for pre-admission letter from XXX, Pakistan) and also send us the hard copies in the following order with an envelope (For example: Request for pre-admission letter from XXX, Pakistan)


Contact information:

Address: International Education College of China University of Geosciences


Postal code430074


Tel(86-27)-67883283 (86-27)-67884939