Application Guide for 2018-2019 CUG International Freshman Scholarship

Application Guidefor 2018-2019 CUG International Freshman Scholarship

Program Introduction

To encourage and support outstanding international students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) (CUG), CUG has established a CUG International Freshman Scholarship since 2016. This kind of scholarship is offered for all international students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree in CUG.

Application Eligibility

Undergraduate program:Applicants must be a high school graduate above the age of 18, non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport covering, be in good health, and have a university qualification.


1. Applicants must have a positive attitude towards study and have outstanding academic rating;

2. HSK level 4 or above;

3. Recommendation letter from president or vice president of applicants’ high school or college;

4. No receiving any other types of scholarship at the same time.

Scholarship Levels

Levels of Scholarship


Equivalent Amount

Rewarded Group


Level A

Covering the first year tuition fee

22000 CNY


All undergraduates in CUG

Level B

Covering the first year accommodation fee

8400 CNY



1. Teaching Language: Chinese (only communication engineering can be taught in English);

2. Admission Date: September, 2018.

Deadline of application:

June 30, 2018

Application Procedure:

1. Online Registration:please apply via online application platform of CUG (, fill out personal information and upload the photocopy of passport, high school diploma, academic transcripts in high school, study plan, and any other documents to support your application.

2.Submit Application Documents:After completed online application and documents preparation, please send the hard copies of all application documents to Admission Office of International Education College of CUG. Whether enrolled or not, no application documents submitted by applicants will be returned.

Application Documents

1. One completed copy of the application form, downloaded from the online application system and scanned with your signature and attached photograph;

2. One photocopy of a valid passport (personal information page);

3. One senior high school graduation certificate (students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date) must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English;

4. One copy of the corresponding academic transcripts (original or notarized photocopies), and academic transcripts in language other than Chinese or English must be translated and notarized;

5. One photocopy of academic transcripts of HSK;

6.“Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” (printed by Chinese quarantine authority) a copy can be obtained from,which can be downloaded from;

Admission and Enrollment

1. The final results of the admission will be determined by the International Education College according to the application documents students submit.

2. The successful applicants will receive a Visa Application Form (JW202) in August. And applicants will apply for student visa (visa X1) with Admission Notice, JW202, and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners.

3. The successful applicant is required to register in Admission Office of International Education College of CUG within the period stated on the Admission Notice with 8 photos in passport photo size. Students who can’t register on time have to get permission from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) with appropriate reasons. Students who fail to register within the period will be regarded as abandon enrollment voluntarily.


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