Application guide for 2017 Summer Short-term Program

All short-term programs of are designed and taught by CUG faculty members for international students and focus on geology, environmental sciences, hydrology, gemology, engineering, management, sports and Chinese language study during the summer vacation. By stepping on the mysterious scientific geological route and experiencing a unique ethnic culture, students can not only broaden their visions and increase their knowledge, but also truly feel the glamour of great mountains and rivers in Hubei and the harmonious blending between geological environments and folk culture. Moreover, the program will provide a perfect platform which can help improve students’ Chinese communication skills, let them experience CUG campus life, and answer questions concerning studying at CUG. You will have opportunities to meet friends from all over the world. Welcome to CUG and enjoy a distinct and fantastic holiday.

Programs Overview

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) provides the international students with various forms of short-termprograms all year around.

★  Professional Geology FieldPractice Program

★  Chinese Language & Regional Culture Immersion Program

★  ChineseJewelryBusinessImmersion Program

★  ProfessionalGeographicInformationSystem Immersion Program

★  ProfessionalWild Survival Program

Program Highlights

★Great chance to study at the national key university in China

★Comprehensive language programs available from beginners to advanced level

★Well-balancedprogram design

★Equipped with experienced professional instructors

★Award with Completion Certificate and Official RecommendationLetter forexcellent performance

★Experience the urban lifestyle in China’s central high-speed developing city


Major Courses

(1)Professional Geology FieldPractice Program

Professional courses: including basic theoretical courses such as geology, hydro-geology, environmental science and engineering geology; Field trip courses about specimen collection, analysis processing methods and skills; Cutting-edge seminars and lectures on the first-hand practical experience and instruction from the seasoned professors in this field.

Field Trip:According to the designof thecurriculum,there will be anin-depth fieldtrip to the lands which nourish Jingchu culture, and conduct the geological field work. Meanwhile, through visits to the Geological Park in China, students will explore the geological relics and cultural sites.

(2) Chinese Language & Regional Culture Immersion Program

Professionalcourses: combine language and culture, open Chinese language courses in listening, speaking, reading and writing;throughlectures on theunique charm of Chinese language and culture,students’ interest about Chinese language learning will be stimulated. Students will also be helped to master the effective methods inChinese language learning,and form goodstudyhabits in a short time.

Culture Immersion: cultural trips into the hinterland ofJingchu culture toexplore the place where the Three Kingdoms culture is originated,Wudang mountain which is the holy land ofTaoism, and Enshi city which is famous for Tujia national minority traditional culture.These trips will initiate a journey for international students to discover China’s regional language and culture differences.

(3)Chinese Jewelry Business Immersion Program

Professional courses: specialized jewelry knowledge, gem identification techniques, jewelry stores management, marketing operation management, product management and planning, jewelry display management, assistant sales skills, coremethodsof OJT, performance appraisal methods, jewelry product quality regulations, etc.

Mobile classrooms: visits to thejewelry production place andjewelry studio, jewelry marketsurveysandcity visits.

BusinessImmersion: company practices:work in groups to apply the language andjewelry business knowledgeunder the supervision of mentors.

(4) Professional Geographic Information System Immersion Program

Professional courses: GISintroduction andapplicationoverview, GIS software architecture and platform, acquisition and analysis of big spatial data, resource and environmental remote sensing applications, mapping technology and applications, case studies onGIS applications, and cutting-edge lectures on the first-hand practical experience and instruction from the seasoned professors in this field.(English-medium)

Professionalinvestigation: according to curriculum design, tours and visits to the research institute and enterprises for learning and exchanges are also organized.

(5) Professional Wild Survival Program

Professional courses: Climbing, Quality Development, Raft Tie-up , Rope-riding over the stream, Jungle Crossing and Bow-Drill Fire Making, etc.

Wild survival:Shengnongjia wild jungle to start this test on survival skills and stamina.

Language and Culture Courses

Chinese Courses:Provide Chinese courses of levels from beginners to advancedlevel, such as the coursesof listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as some other ways of classroom study and practice.

Cultural Courses and Cultural workshop:Various cultural topics will offer all-round displays of the glamour of Chinese cultural events such as calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, tea art, tai chi,kung fu, etc.


Program is open to university students, postgraduates and professionals who are non-Chinese citizens, above 18 years of age and in good health, with basic knowledge in related disciplines, and adequate English proficiency at university level.

Application Procedures

For Self-funded Applicants: Visit,after finishing fill in the application information, upload required documents, and print out the application form.

For Scholarship Applicants:Visit to submit the application online(Agency No.10491) and print out the application form. Then send it together with other required application documents to the admission office of CUG before the deadline.


Application Deadline:May 30th 2017


Travelling to China


Visa application

International students coming to china for field study shall apply for X2 type visa(Less than 180 days)at the Chinese Embassy. The documents issued by the international education college of CUG,including the“Admission Notice”,“The visa Application Form for study in China(JW202)” and some other documents,will be required by the Chinese Embassy.

Physical Examination

Physical Examinationis not necessary for the international students holding X2 visa.


Each student is required to have a medical insurance coverage during the timeshe/he enrolls in this class. The insurancecan be purchasedateither the home country or China.


If you have successfully registered in CUG, CUG will arrange on-campus dormitory (Dangui international students apartment) for you. Normally,there are two types for choice: single roomanddouble room, which includeair conditioner, water heater, network jack andfree bedding and linens in the room. The price of suchaccommodation is variable depending on the size and type of the room. Students who haveaccompanies should notify the university when applying for the courses.

Financial prepare

Foreign students are not allowed to work in China. Therefore, students participating this course should have enough financial support before the application.

Estimated Costs:

The costs listed below are estimated based on the data collected in the past or current rate and subject to change. The costs do not include international travel and meals prior/post-field trip.

Tuition and Fees: ¥400-800RMB/week

Lodging inCUG: ¥250RMB/week (single room)

¥175RMB/week (double room)

Insurance: ¥100 RMB/week

Meal: 100-150RMB/week

Field Trip: optional

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